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Financial aid of up to $28,000 available

Early Childcare Assistant

Financial aid of up to $28,000 available

A Rewarding Career Path Working With Children Could Be Yours in Only 38 Weeks!

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About the Program

The Early Childcare Assistant diploma program at TIBC prepares you to play an enriching role in the cognitive, social, physical and emotional growth of the children in your care. Our program gives you a full understanding of the various stages of child development and strengthens your observation, curriculum planning and communication skills. You could be on your way to a career path in only 38 weeks! Our extensive student and career services provide support throughout the program and give you the tools needed to succeed in your job search. If you’re creative, flexible, patient, and have a genuine desire to impact the well-being of children, this program may be the right fit for you. Contact us today for more information!

Program Outcomes

Upon completing our program, you will have the skills and knowledge to plan and lead activities that promote the child’s development, maintain a safe and healthy childcare environment, encourage proper eating, dressing and hygiene, observe children for signs of potential learning or behavioural problems, prepare reports for and communicate with parents, guardians and supervisors and more.

Career Outlook

• Employment
The employment outlook for early childcare assistants is above average, with a moderate number of new positions becoming available due to retirements and growth in the childcare industry

• Wages
The median salary is $18.00/hr and may increase to an average of $28.49/hr for more senior positions

• Workplace Opportunities
Employment opportunities are available in childcare centres, kindergartens, nursery schools, early learning centres and more

• Career Options
Our graduates may pursue a career path as a daycare aide/worker, early childcare program assistant, early childcare educator, after-school program aide, teacher aide and more

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Course List

» Introduction to Early Childcare and Education
» Roles and Responsibilities
» Child, Family and Community
» Introduction to Child Development
» Introduction to Prenatal, Infant and Toddler Development
» Introduction to Preschool Development
» Observation Skills
» Guiding Children
» Curriculum Planning
» Written Communication Skills
» Health & Safety
» Nutrition

Program Details

  • Total program hours: 38 weeks
    455 Hours Theory / 490 Hours Field Placement
  • Program type: Diploma